The Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs

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    Build significant advancements in your advocacy skills, empowering you to create tangible impact and effect change. Enroll in our expert-led courses, whether your aim is to influence state legislatures, navigate regulatory agencies, or excel in managing contract lobbying services. Our 4-part Campaign Method workshops deliver actionable knowledge, proven strategies, and abundant resources, all in a highly interactive format that includes engaging case studies and dynamic simulations. 

    Join us to emerge as a more influential, effective, and confident advocate, ready to drive lasting transformation in the legislative and regulatory landscape. Lobby school has had student participants from 600+ organizations, transcending ideological boundaries and we welcome all to further their skills in advocacy to maximize their influence in lobbying state legislatures, state regulatory agencies, and becoming more savvy consumers of lobbying services.

    Fully Remote via Zoom Workshops

    The four workshop series repeats Tuesday-Friday the third full week of each month. Take one workshop a month or take all four workshops in one week, as best serves your schedule.

    Workshop 1: How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures: Overview and Design of a State Lobbying Campaign [Part 1 of 2-part series]

    1:00PM-5:00PM EST
    Workshop Pricing: $330

    Workshop 2: How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures: 1) Special Interest Negotiation and 2) Lawmaker Persuasion [Part 2 of 2-part series]

    1:00PM-5:00PM EST
    Workshop Pricing: $440

    Workshop 3: How to Successfully Lobby State Regulatory Agencies (Rulemaking)

    1:00PM-5:00PM EST
    Workshop Pricing: $440

    Workshop 4: Managing Contract Lobbying
    Client-Contractor Performance Evaluations

    1:00PM-5:00PM EST
    Workshop Pricing: $440

    Overview of 4-Workshop Content

    Workshop 1: How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures: Overview and Design of a State Lobbying Campaign ($330, 4 hours)

    Workshop 1 overviews the Campaign Method’s how-to approach to successful state legislative advocacy. 12 sections and three activities cover basic legislative campaigning. Included practice manuals 2, Glossary of Legislative Concepts and Representative Terms, 3, How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures: Guide to State Legislative Lobbying, 4th edition- Revised, Updated, Expanded, and 4, Winning with Lobbyists, Readers edition, and 60-page workbook give depth and detail far beyond that possible in 4-hours.

    Workshop Highlights:

    • Understand the intricate legislative processes and leverage them.
    • Identify key influencers of lawmakers to develop strategic advocacy plans.
    • Evaluate and strengthen your political influence and effectiveness.
    • Form coalitions and alliances to amplify your political impact.
    • Access invaluable resources including legislative manuals, practice materials, and potential professional colleagues.

    Workshop 2: How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures: 1) Special Interest Negotiation and 2) Lawmaker Persuasion ($440, 4 hours)

    Workshop 2 trains you in three skills indispensable to successfully applying the Campaign Method: 1) negotiating for consensus with competing special interest groups, 2) preparation for asking a lawmaker to vote your way, and 3) activities after the first committee vote, pro or con. Includes Manual 3, How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures: Guide to State Legislative Lobbying, 4th edition- Revised, Updated, Expanded (for those not registered for Workshop 1) and 40-page workbook.

    Workshop Highlights:

    • Jumpstart or boost your skills in negotiating with special interest groups; develop allies and discourage opponents.
    • Craft strategies that motivate lawmakers to support you more or oppose you less.
    • Plan and implement successful get the vote lobbying visits.
    • Navigate post-committee of first referral vote scenarios effectively.
    • Begin planning for agency rulemaking that implement the statute.
    I am deeply grateful to Bob Guyer and The Lobby School for sharpening my advocacy skills through the Campaign Method course and its accompanying books. Undoubtedly, the skills I acquired at The Lobby School have contributed to my success in the industry.”

    Workshop 3: How to Successfully Lobby State Regulatory Agencies (Rulemaking) ($440, 4 hours)

    Every page of lawmaker-made law can lead to up to ten pages of agency-made law. Workshop 3 focuses on equipping participants with the essential skills to navigate and influence regulatory agency lawmaking aka rulemaking. This course empowers you to understand the intricacies of agency structures, powers, and limitations. You’ll learn to craft and execute strategic lobbying campaigns before rulemaking officially begins, foster productive agency relationships, participate effectively in rule development and adoption, and navigate post-rule adoption scenarios, including appeals, enforcement, and litigation. Includes Manual 6, Guide to Executive Branch Agency Rulemaking, two skills development activities, and 50-page workbook.

    Workshop Length: 4 Hours

    Workshop Highlights:

    • Develop a comprehensive understanding of agency structures, powers, and constraints.
    • Master the art of designing and executing successful agency rulemaking lobbying campaigns.
    • Cultivate productive relationships with agencies, even before formal rulemaking.
    • Skillfully participate in rule development and adoption processes.
    • Navigate post-rule adoption challenges, including appeals and enforcement.
    • Preserve your legal standing to challenge agency decisions.
    • Enjoy exclusive discounts on future training and one-on-one coaching.

    Workshop 4: Managing Contract Lobbying
    Client-Contractor Performance Evaluations ($440, 4 hours)

    Be a sophisticated consumer of contract lobbying services. Workshop 4 teaches clients how to optimize client-centric lobbying through client-contract lobbyist collaboration. Better collaboration leads to better outcomes and returns on client investments of money and political capital. You will receive an implementable step-by-step set framework of reciprocal responsibilities and accountabilities whereby you and your contactors achieve greater and mutual success. This workshop focuses on using client-to-lobbyist and lobbyist-to-client reciprocal job performance evaluation instruments to set, measure, and guide effective collaboration. Includes Manual 5, Winning with Lobbyists, Professional edition, three skills development activities, and 35-page workbook.

    Workshop Length: 4 Hours

    Workshop Highlights:

    • Create a productive and cooperative partnership with your lobbyist.
    • Track and evaluate your and your lobbyist’s effectiveness.
    • Utilize constructive feedback to maintain synergy in your partnership.
    • Become a savvy consumer of contract lobbying services.
    • Access a comprehensive 488-page practice manual for ongoing reference.
    • Equip yourself and your contractor with the foundation, tools, confidence, and mutual trust necessary for effective collaboration in serving your common principal’s best interests. Register today.

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    Lobby School Workshop Discounts

    Unlock Exclusive Discounts:

    1. Are you a 501(c)(3) organization? Confirm your IRS status to receive an exclusive 20% discount on our workshops. Just use coupon code “501(c)(3)IRC” during registration. Small charities with an annual budget under $100,000 may also contact us at (561) 319-9427 to inquire about additional scholarships of up to 50%, awarded at our discretion.
    2. Bundle courses for additional discounts. Register for three or four tracks to enjoy a 10% bundle discount. Use the discount code “bundle” at checkout. 
    3. Group Discounts. Three or more people from the same organization registering for the same course(s) on the same form receive a 25% discount on all registrations using coupon code “group.”

    Note: Discounts are applied at checkout and are limited to one discount per registration form: 10% for registering for 3 or 4 workshops using coupon code bundle, 20% for 501(c)(3) organizations using coupon code 501(c)(3)IRC, or 25% for registering on one form three or more participants and using coupon code group, your choice. 

    Ready to learn more or inquire about specific details? Click below or call (561) 319-9427 to get in touch with us.

    Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

    Twenty-five states over the years have accredited our seminars for CLEs, most recently Minnesota (2022-2024) and by reciprocity California, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. CLE accreditations are in effect for 12-24 months from date of approval. Currently we apply for accreditations only upon registrant request.


    "Bob Guyer’s course contributed substantially to my lifelong study of advocacy and was the best CLE accredited course that I have taken, bar none, in my 39 years as a government relations consultant."

    These links provide a glimpse into our workshop agendas, helping you get a feel for the valuable content and skills you’ll acquire when you join The Lobby School’s workshops. Click below to view sample agendas for our courses:

    Workshop 1 & 2 Sample Agenda

    Workshop 3 Sample Agenda

    Workshop 4 Sample Agenda

    Lobby School On-Demand Videos

    For those seeking flexibility, affordability, and convenience, our On-Demand Video Training is the perfect choice. Ideal for individuals unable to attend specific dates, budget-conscious learners, or those looking for a more accessible way to master the art of lobbying, these online videos offer valuable insights. Watch the introductory video below to learn more about our method:


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