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Dedicated to Upgrading State Lobbying Practices

Robert L. Guyer: Coach, Lecturer, Author

Robert L. Guyer’s personal coaching, books, videos, and live workshops guide advocates to better lobbying results faster, safer, and more thoroughly than learning by trial and, at times, irremediable error.  Learn from my and fellow lobbyists’ many successes and even our teachable-moment mistakes. I will coach you through your state advocacy challenges to improve your lobbying successes.

Five years ago, I resolved to pass on to the lobbying profession lessons learned over 40 years working with, for, in, and teaching about, government. Since then, I’ve written a set of six lobbying manuals. And co-author Chris Micheli, Aprea & Micheli (Sacramento), and I just published a seventh manual. This one guides regulated parties through executive agency rulemaking.
These manuals and 15-video series of best lobbying practices form the Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs curriculum. This course of study develops novices into experts, expands the skills of current lobbyists and government affairs managers, and improves the quality of clients, lobbyists, and lawmaking overall. It also provides a solid foundation with which universities can develop curricula in applied American politics. Click here to inspect the curriculum.
As good as is what I have, it’s hardly enough on which to base a nationwide training curriculum. In the Articles page a lobbyist for the Nevada Brothel Association (Good Lobbying Practice Is Similar Regardless of State) accuses me of just that. But for my 20 years training thousands of professionals, including dozens in Nevada, he would have been right. Lobby School students have come from almost every state and represented almost every conceivable interest group. Combining with mine their experiences and stories are what make Lobby School training more interesting, diverse, and broadly applicable.
I wish I had had this training when I started out. It didn’t exist then, but now it does. My hope and objective are that it will instruct students, benefit new lobbyists, upgrade experienced lobbyists, the lobbying profession itself, and the quality of lawmaking in the states.
But it’s all driven by the same motive: upgrade the practice, knowledge, and public respect for the state legislative process and for elected legislatures, administrative agencies, and participating citizens.
While I am a lobbying veteran, the workshop and book provided me with a fresh perspective on advocacy. Mr. Guyer’s clear structure and methodology for an effective lobbying campaign added to my own effectiveness with the legislature, contributing to me being ranked one of the five best lobbyists in the state of Florida.
Desinda Wood Carper
Florida League of Cities (former)
Chief Legislative Assistant, FL Rep. Sharon Pritchett
Chief Executive Officer, DC Strategies LLC
Ft. Lauderdale

Engineering THE LAW, Inc., dba

Lobby School, Insiders Talk Winning, Learn-to-Lobby

Engineering THE LAW, Inc. (ETL), founded in 1997 by Robert L. Guyer, increases the state lobbying effectiveness of corporations, associations, unions, and individuals. Our proven methodology, the Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs; public, private, and online seminars; and books teach skills necessary to influence state legislatures and regulatory agencies. Our sample client list speaks for itself as to the value and widespread use of our training programs.
Mr. Guyer served as Legislative Counsel and Assistant Director for State Government Affairs with the Ralston Purina Company (now Nestlé Purina), managed state government affairs for Energizer Power Systems and Gates Energy Products, Inc., and, as a contract lobbyist, was Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs for the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. He lobbied successfully to enact or defeat laws or agency rules in numerous US states, Washington, D.C., and Canada.
Prior to establishing ETL, Mr. Guyer managed corporate lobbying activities in 20 states, Washington, D.C., and internationally. He served as a regulatory agency enforcement officer, public electric utility regulatory compliance manager, and as a senior engineer and president for consulting firms.
RLG Teaching Physician ExecutivesHarvard Medical School
Guyer holds Juris Doctor, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Florida. He is admitted to the practice of law in Florida and the District of Columbia.
Mr. Guyer is an excellent presenter and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with Lobbyists. The two-day seminar is packed with an agenda filled with valuable information and exercises to enhance the skills of a novice or a practitioner. The information he provided was so generic it could be applied to any organization whether it be a Union, corporation or nonprofit. When I brought my team, we were able to design our strategy for the ensuing session and I look forward to the implementation.
In Solidarity,
Bernal C Baca, Ed.D.
Lobbyist, AFT Washington-AFL-CIO
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