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Winning with Lobbyists, Professional Edition


Insiders Talk: Winning with Lobbyists, Professional Edition (Manual 5) (Hardcover, 488 pages – gold-foil stamped cover, heavier paper and font than competing editions)

Insiders Talk: Winning with Lobbyists, Professional Edition is the definitive guide for lobbyist employers, that is, principals and government affairs managers, in hiring and working with contract lobbyists.


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Insiders Talk Winning with Lobbyists (Professional Edition) is a timely, comprehensive treatise that should be on the desk of every in-house counsel and government affairs team. Not only an excellent reference point but also a great analysis on the current state of the lobbying profession.
Vice-President, Governmental Affairs
McLane Company, Inc. Temple, Texas

Over 21 chapters this best practices manual equips lobbyist employers with the right tools for selecting the right contract lobbyist(s), negotiating market-appropriate fees, working more effectively together, and more successfully managing government affairs programs. Sophisticated clients partnering with their contractors achieve better and more cost-effective legislative outcomes.

The Professional Edition synthesizes the views of dozens of consumers of lobbying services, contract lobbyists, lawmakers, staff, and political consultants. Principals and government affairs staff will use it to better understand the context of lawmaking, formulate and articulate reasonable expectations of their contractors, evaluate and improve their and their lobbyists’ job performance, and get better returns on their investments of financial and political capital.

Contract lobbyists can use the Professional Edition to develop better clients, making their engagements more fruitful and less stressful. Although referring to my Lobby School seminar, senior Florida contract lobbyist David R. Custin noted, “If all my past, present, and future clients took your course it would make me a more effective lobbyist and make my job 100x simpler.

“The experiences herein of dozens of government affairs managers is a unique and original approach to the complex world of lobbying. This book can help beginning and even veteran clients become more sophisticated consumers of lobbying services. I may not agree with everything Bob Guyer has written, yet as a longtime provider of lobbying services I see Insiders Talk leading to a generation of clients able to get more out of themselves, their lobbyists, and advocacy investments.”
Republic Consultants, LLC
Washington, D.C.

Finally, students and academics gain insider access to study how clients and their lobbyists influence state legislatures, staffs, individual lawmakers, executive agencies, special interests, and the Governor’s office to effect legislation advancing interests of lobbyist employers.

Insiders Talk: Winning with Lobbyists, Professional Edition is written for:

  • Principals and in-house government affairs staffs to increase ROIs of money, personnel, time, and political capital
  • Association legislative committees and staff vying for real intra-organizational influence and involvement
  • Clients fostering synergistic client-contractor relationships and improved accountability
  • Contractors interested in marketing and providing services to major consumers of lobbying services
  • Reporters seeking behind-the-scenes insight into the legislative and lobbying process and players
  • Elected officials and legislative staffers wanting to know the techniques of the those who lobby them
  • Academics and students of applied political behavior
  • Unions and Public Interests exploring how opponents plan and execute lobbying campaigns
  • Legal and litigation counsel advising clients on avoiding ethics violations and opportunities
  • Donors and Political Action Committees setting expectations for candidates and contributions
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