Workshop 3: How To Successfully Lobby State Regulatory Agencies (Rulemaking) (Remote Workshop)


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Remote Workshop: How To Successfully Lobby State Regulatory Agencies (Rulemaking)

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You don’t have a law until the agency says you have a law. And you don’t know what a law means until the agency tells you what it means. Agencies do both through rulemaking. To get the regulatory environment you want, you must navigate the agency rulemaking process. Taught by Robert L. Guyer, an experienced former regulatory enforcement officer and corporate compliance manager, you will learn:

  • Agency structure, powers, and constraints.
  • Design and execute an agency rulemaking lobbying campaign.
  • Work well with an agency before formal notice of rulemaking.
  • Participate successfully in rule development and adoption.
  • Explore post rule adoption appeals, enforcement, and litigation.
  • Preserve your legal standing to challenge agency actions.
  • And much more…
“What the legislature giveth an agency can taketh away,
and what the legislature wouldn’t give you an agency might.”

This workshop is vital for anyone who engages in or hires lobbyists who specialize in agency rulemaking.

You will also receive:

  • The Lobby School detailed 265-page practice manual with information and guidance that goes far beyond that covered in a 4-hour workshop and 30-page handout.
  • As a refresher, a one-time 50% discount on our 15-video lobbying series.
  • Twenty-five percent discount on one-on-one coaching from Mr. Guyer.

Whether you are new to lobbying, planning to hire a lobbyist specializing in your area, or an experienced professional looking to update or refine your skills, this workshop is a crucial step in your lobbying journey.

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  • Apply ‘group‘ for a 25% discount when registering three or more together.

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