How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures – Guide to State Legislative Lobbying, 4th ed.


Guide to State Legislative Lobbying, 4th edition – Revised, Updated, Expanded (Manual 3) (Softcover, 296 pages)

How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures is the revised, updated, expanded, and retitled fourth edition of Guide to State Legislative Lobbying, which for 20 years has been for practitioners, academics, and university students the hands-on, how-to best-practices primer for actually designing and implementing a successful state legislative lobbying campaign.

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This book is a must for anyone in the state legislative lobbying arena. Guide to State Legislative Lobbying, 4th edition provides a roadmap on the art and science of effectively managing a results-oriented state affairs program.
Government Affairs
American Physical Therapy Association, Washington, D.C.

This fourth edition adds 100 pages of facts, figures, insights, and techniques from across the USA. This manual will help:

  • Novices jump-start their careers
  • Multi-state practitioners anticipate other states’ processes
  • Principals get better ROIs on personnel, money, and political capital
  • Lobbyists improve client quality and resource management
  • Managers ably and confidently lead staff and quality-control contractors
  • Coalitions establish a basic reference source for lobbying protocol
  • Remediate amateurs and weed out dangerously ill-informed advocates
  • Legislators and advocates achieve more together
  • Academics teach and students master legislative campaigning


As a former elected official and news reporter, I know the importance and role lobbying plays every day and at all levels of government. This book is vital for those learning in the classroom and in the field about the way the legislative process really works and how they can successfully influence it.
Assistant Professor
SOC and Faculty in Residence
American University, Washington, D.C.

Winning with Lobbyists, either the Readers edition (Manual 4) or the Professional edition (Manual 5)  is the next step in lobbying sophistication. Manual 4 is for principals not hiring contract lobbyists and for general readers. Manual 5 is a must for principals utilizing contract lobbyists.

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