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Not only has Bob Guyer written the BOOK on lobbying on the state level... his seminars are of exceptional value for seasoned government affairs specialists and novices alike.
Ron Myers
Speaker pro tem (former), Washington House of Representatives



There are always more tips and skills to learn about lobbying…” Anita Farmer, VP (former), Georgia Government Affairs, Bank of America

Lobbyist Career Development Plan

Welcome to the Lobby School and the Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs. After twenty years and thousands of participants, this portal remains a prime source of training materials for state government affairs professionals, novices and veterans. Here you learn how to increase your and your organization’s effectiveness with state lawmakers, staff, regulatory agencies, special interests, and the governor’s office as they collectively determine how state government will help or hinder your  principal’s interests. Download our complimentary materials  and call me with questions about implementing an effective state government affairs program.
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Robert Guyer

Founder, Engineering THE LAW, Inc. (est. 1997) dba Lobby School

Bob Guyer has been training young, and some old, politicos, influence peddlers, and policy hawks for quite some time. His lessons are more hands on than theory based, and his classes are a true workshop of ideas, information, and knowledge about the business… I always learn something new whenever I review Bob’s book or take his class.
Rich Cranwell
Director of Government Relations
American Healthcare LLC, Richmond

Insiders Talk Series

Best Practices Lobbying Manuals and Lobbyist Training Curriculum

About Us

Robert L. Guyer

As a new lobbyist I was given an expense account and told to change my employer’s regulatory world. I had no idea how to do that. No training resources existed to jump-start my career. Working in many capitols I learned lobbying in the fires of trial and error.

But today it’s different. The Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs jump-starts novices and sharpens veterans. Its graduated sequence of six Insiders Talk lobbying manuals and 15 How to Successfully Lobby videos, and 3-day live boot camps (resuming May 2022) trains lobbyists more thoroughly and much faster than learning by experience alone.

Online Training

15 Sequenced Skills-Development Videos,
a la carte or packages

From General Motors to the UAW, from the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin to the Colorado Rural Health Center, hundreds of groups use our step-by-step methodology to plan and implement effective lobbying campaigns. Our online training provides techniques immediately deployable, such as how to:

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