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Not only has Bob Guyer written the BOOK on lobbying on the state level... his seminars are of exceptional value for seasoned government affairs specialists and novices alike.
Ron Myers
Speaker pro tem (former), Washington House of Representatives



Resources for better state lobbying

You supply your talent, time, enthusiasm, and drive. I supply hands-on, non-partisan expert training in planning and implementing a successful state lobbying campaign. Together we will equip you to outperform most of your competitors.
Robert L. Guyer

Welcome to the Lobby School’s Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs. After twenty years and thousands of participants, this portal remains a prime source of training materials for state government affairs professionals, novices and veterans.

Here you learn to increase your own and your organization’s effectiveness with state lawmakers, staff, regulatory agencies, special interests, and the governor’s office as they collectively determine how state government will help or hinder your principal’s interests.

Download our complimentary materials and call me with questions about implementing an effective state government affairs program.


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Robert Guyer

Educator, Author, Coach
Founder, Engineering THE LAW, Inc. (est. 1997) dba Lobby School

About Us

Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs

The Campaign Method jumpstarts lobbying novices and sharpens veterans. Based on my 30 years in advocacy and with contributions from dozens of Lobby School participants and professional colleagues, Lobby School students develop skills faster and with sufficient depth to excel as advocates while avoiding costly and needless mistakes. The methodology is taught using our step-by-step, beginner-to-expert, graduated sequence of:

  •  Insiders Talk lobbying manuals (6)
  •  Live: public workshops (3) and private custom seminars
  • 15 topical How to Successfully Lobby videos

Click to view the one-page menu of practice manuals, training videos, live seminars.

Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs
Professional Library of Insiders Talk Series of Best Practices Lobbying Manuals

Graduated Sequence of Six Best Practices, How-to, Lobbying Guidebooks
Buy directly from the Lobby School any book >$30 and I will include per order 1 free copy of the language of lawmaking, Glossary of Legislative Concepts and Representative Terms.

Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs
Live Skills Training: 3 Public Workshops (2 Tracks) - Private Custom Seminars

The Lobby School provides three live multi-topic public workshops – over two tracks, novice and senior – and client tailored custom private seminars. Workshops are hands-on, how-to State Government Affairs professional skills development training. Participants complete each workshop knowing how to lobby effectively by applying lectures, class-specific workbooks, and course-relevant lobbying practice manuals (6 @ 90-488 pages). The manuals provide the depth, specificity, and implementation details indispensable to effecting a successful lobbying campaign, but beyond that which can be presented in a spoken lecture and accompanying workbook.


Public Workshops
Track 1: novice (for lobbyists with < 3 years of experience)

Day 1: How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures  ($600: 8 hours) This training is the foundation of the Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs, a methodology used for over twenty years across the United States by hundreds of disparate organizations. Includes four methods application sessions that train participants to implement fundamental practices presented in the workshop and applicable Lobby School practice manuals. Includes Manual 2, Glossary of Legislative Concepts and Representative Terms, Manual 3, How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures, and Manual 4, Winning with Lobbyists, Readers edition. Four skills development activities including: 1) intra-special interest bill drafting negotiations; and 2) three-minute “count the votes” face-to-face lobbying of a lawmaker. 



Day 2: How to Successfully Lobby Executive Branch Agency Rulemaking ($400: 4 hours) For every page of statutory law expect 10 pages of administrative law promulgated through the rulemaking process. In rulemaking, you work with the same players as you did in the legislature relying on many of the same skills learned on Day 1. However, unlike lawmakers, agency staff think technically, not politically. Agency thinking thereby creates a radically different mindset for advocacy. This workshop overviews the basics of Executive Branch Agency structure, legal powers, and policy formulation. Includes practice Manual 6, Guide to Executive Branch Agency Rulemaking and two skills development activities including: pre-APA notice of rulemaking agency staff-regulated interest negotiations.



Track 1: Days 1 &2  – $100 Discount Package ($900: 12 hours)  Even if a legislative lobbyist is sure he or she will never participate in executive branch agency rulemaking, the lobbyist must nevertheless ensure that legislative bills are drafted (or amended) to contain specificity sufficient to limit agency discretion and at the same time to direct the implementing agency to promulgate future rules that will advance rather than undermine their principal’s interests.  What the legislature gives, an executive branch agency can take away. And what the legislature would not give, an agency might.



Track 2: for senior managers

Managing Contract Lobbying  for Senior Managers ($400: 4 hours)
This workshop develops sophisticated managers of contract lobbying services able to accomplish more with their in-house and contract lobbyists, improve returns on principal’s investments of money and political capital, and achieve better lobbying outcomes. Includes practice Manual 5, Winning with Lobbyists, Professional edition and two skills development activities: job performance evaluations of 1) contract lobbyist and 2) in-house management of contractors.


What Graduates Should Expect from Lobby School Training

Graduates receive:

  • Insiders Talk practice manual(s), 1 to 4 (@90 – 488 pages/book), depending on selected classes
  • Workbook(s) (@ 50-150 pages/workbook) containing copies of all slides, class activities, checklists, and practice tips 
  • Training, insights, and skills to lobby and to lead lobbying teams competent to participate effectively in lawmaking by state legislatures and regulatory agencies
  • Assurance that as they practice the wisdom, skills, and materials received they, their teams, and the principals will mature into greater levels of effectiveness and lobbying success

Class sizes are limited to 20 participants. Average class size is 10.

Upcoming Lobby Schools: Las Vegas, September 20-22, 2022; Minneapolis, October, 13-14 Learn more and registration form.


Custom Private Seminars

Training is built around your topic and presented at a place and time of your convenience. Seminars generally require 2 hours to 2 days depending on the level of competency your organization wants to develop. I have presented custom seminars to organizations – household-name to local – on many topics ranging from credit scoring in setting insurance premiums, worker compensation premium theft, to 501(c)(3) lobbying for state appropriations, to the limitation of emissions from wood-burning fireplaces, and a multitude of other topics.  Together we can craft a custom seminar to meet your organizaton’s lobbying goals. 


Bob Guyer has been training young, and some old, politicos, influence peddlers, and policy hawks for quite some time. His lessons are more hands on than theory based, and his classes are a true workshop of ideas, information, and knowledge about the business… I always learn something new whenever I review Bob’s book or take his class.

Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs
Online Training

Online Training

15 topical How to Successfully Lobby videos

 Online training videos are perfect for organizations wanting to understand more about specific lobbying topics but without having to make the investments of time, travel, and money required by attending our 4-16 hour intensive skills development workshops. 

When understanding beyond that found in the short videos is required, viewers can read the manuals appropriate to the topics. Skills application training is provided by our live workshops.


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