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Welcome to the Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs, a methodology proven to jumpstart novices, sharpen veterans, and produce effective and successful lobbying of state lawmakers, staff, regulatory agencies, special interests, and the governor’s office. 

Good lobbying is about making it easier for a lawmaker to say “yes” to you and harder for him or her to say “no.”  But making practical this conceptually simple idea requires more than writing and visiting lawmakers. It demands skillfully navigating parties, politics, processes, and psyches – friends and foes. And that’s what our books, videos, and workshops – public and private, standard and custom – train you to do.

Explore this site. Download free training materials. And ask me (no charge) how the Lobby School can equip you to achieve your state advocacy goals. Better training, better methodology, better outcomes.

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Robert Guyer

Engineering THE LAW, Inc.
DBA Lobby School

600+ organizations have trained in the Campaign Method.

Not only has Bob Guyer written the BOOK on lobbying on the state level... his seminars are of exceptional value for seasoned government affairs specialists and novices alike.


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About Us

Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs

Based on my 30 years in advocacy, contributions from Lobby School participants, and detailed advice from professional colleagues working across the United States, Lobby School students develop skills with sufficient depth to excel quickly as advocates. And they avoid needless mistakes that kill careers and destroy lobbying campaigns. My methodology is step-by-step, beginner-to-expert, professional training consisting of:

  • A graduated series of six best-practices lobbying manuals
  • Three live public workshops and any number of 2-hr to 3-day private custom seminars
  • 15 online videos available topically a la carte or in packages
  • Free materials provided throughout this website
Bob Guyer has been training young, and some old, politicos, influence peddlers, and policy hawks for quite some time. His lessons are more hands on than theory based, and his classes are a true workshop of ideas, information, and knowledge about the business… I always learn something new whenever I review Bob’s book or take his class.

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