Lobby School Online Course Syllabus and Module Ordering


14-day viewing-window/package

Package 1 (Courses 2-11): How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures

Run time: 5 hours:14 minutes
Course Pricing: $157.50

Watch video 1 for free
Recommended for practitioners, skills application manuals 2, 3, and 5.

Package 2 (Courses 12-15): How to Successfully Lobby State Regulatory Agencies

Run time: 2 hours:20 minutes
Course Pricing: $70

Recommended for practitioners, skills application manual 6.

Packages 1 and 2 (Courses 2-15): Complete Campaign Method

Runtime: 7 hours:34 minutes
Course Pricing: $225.00

Watch video 1 for free
Recommended for practitioners, skills application manuals 2, 3, 5, and 6.

No lobbyist should miss the opportunity to get back to basics on enhancing your lobbying skills and follow up. Guyer provides in lessons from the field a not-so-subtle message that while experience matters best practice oftentimes wins the game with regulators as well as legislators.

Individual Courses

Order a la carte, 3-day viewing-window/course

Course 2: Lobbying: What, Why, Who, Where and When

Run time: 17:52
  • Legal and practical foundations of lobbying
  • There are more important people than lawmakers
  • Best place to lobby
  • Best time to lobby

Course Pricing: $20.00

Course 3: Effective Lobbying; Assessing and Increasing Political Strength

Run Time 39:21
  • Keys to effective lobbying
  • Ranking of lobbying influences
  • Calculus for assessing strength
  • Internal and external factors for strength
  • Increasing strength

Course Pricing: $40.00

Course 4: Building Your Lobbying Organization; Crafting Bills & Supporting Materials

Run Time 28:59
  • Teams and their duties
  • Planning the lobbying campaign
  • Writing a bill more likely to pass
  • Drafting supporting materials

Course Pricing: $30.00

Course 5: Legislative Staff; Procedure; Committee Testimony and Caucuses; Ethics

Run Time 42:09
  • Classifications
  • Senior and junior staff
  • Motivating staff
  • Effective “leave behind” template
  • Steps “idea to law” – formal and informal
  • Key committees
  • Lobbying the committee checklist
  • Testimony mechanics
  • “Likeability is job 1” checklist
  • Where to find ethics requirements you must meet
  • Example lobbyist prohibitions
  • 9 R’s for ethics compliance
Course Pricing: $45.00

Course 6: Campaign Contributions; Special Interests and Coalitions

Run Time 28:25
  • Why provide campaign support
  • Non-monetary contributions
  • Campaign contribution checklist
  • Candidate coalition partners
  • Coalition building checklist
  • Anti-trust cautions
Course Pricing: $30.00

Course 7: Federal vs. State Lobbying

Run Time 28:40
  • How Federal and State lobbying need each other
Course Pricing: $30.00

Course 8: Negotiating with Special Interests

Run Time 50:39
  • Styles of negotiating
  • Evaluating your opponent checklist
  • Gaining leverage
  • Preparing for negotiating checklist
  • In the meeting checklist
  • Negotiating tricks and how to counter them
Course Pricing: $50.00

Course 9: Contract Lobbyists

Run Time: 30:55
  • Duties of your contract lobbyist
  • Characteristics of the “right” contract lobbyist
  • How to hire
  • Negotiating fees
  • Working effectively with your lobbyist checklist
  • Lobbyist job performance form
  • Firing your contract lobbyist
Course Pricing: $30.00

Course 10: Motivating Lawmakers; Getting and Keeping Votes

Run Time 35:43
  • Why lawmakers have to be motivated
  • Motivating key lawmakers checklist
  • 7 motivators
  • “Facts don’t vote”
  • Goals of lobbying visits
  • Advocacy communication
  • All presentations checklist
  • 10-minute presentation checklist
  • 3-minute presentation checklist
  • Never to do checklist
  • Votes
Course Pricing: $35.00

Course 11: Lobbying Role Play; Actions after Committee of First Reference

Run Time 10:47
  • Next steps for your bill
  • Maintaining momentum checklist
  • Agency lobbying is the next step
Course Pricing: $10.00

Course 12: Constitutional and Political Foundations of US Agencies and Administrative Law

Run Time 9:46
  • Separation of powers
  • Reasons to lobby agencies
  • Local government
Course Pricing: $10.00

Course 13: Agency Model and Structure; Agency Power and Actions

Run Time 49:43
  • Agency ideal
  • Agency structure
  • Classifications of agency decision makers
  • Sources of agency power
  • Types of agency actions
  • Limits on agency action
Course Pricing: $50.00

Course 14: Agency Advocacy

Run Time 23:03
  • Agency discretion to act or not act
  • Lobbying preparation checklist
  • Lobbying targets checklist
  • Listing of specific lobbying targets
Course Pricing: $25.00

Course 15: Lobbying Visits; Rule Development and Adoption; Responding to Agency Rule

Run Time: 57:11
  • Goals for agency lobbying
  • Factors motivating agencies
  • Hiring and working with contractors
  • Lobbying staff checklist
  • Losing approaches
  • Rule development process
  • Agency motivators to develop rules
  • Knowing when the agency will act
  • Participating in rule making process
  • Rulemaking record
  • Responding to an unfavorable rule
  • Legislative review
  • Judicial review
  • Lobbying the legislature to fix rule
  • Summary of agencies
  • Legislative vs. agency lobbying
Course Pricing: $60.00
Legislative lobbyist is only one component of my position in our state agency, but I recognized I needed to do a better job and improve my knowledge base regarding my lobbyist role. I found your class in my research and am very pleased with the course. I know the course was not designed for one in my position (lobbying for an executive office agency on an as-needed basis), but I still find the content applicable and I feel much more confident in my role after completing this course.
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