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Robert Guyer's online videos are incredibly informative, thorough, and engaging. I learned a lot as a grassroots lobbyist, but Robert's course really sheds light on how things are done in the halls of power with the people who can make or break your legislation at the local level. As an educator and an activist, I found Robert's course to be extremely helpful and I highly recommend the entire course to any lobbyist whether volunteer or professional.
Elizabeth Chen
Dedimus Potestatem www.potestatem.co

Online Training

15 Sequenced Skills-Development Videos, a la carte or packages

From General Motors to the UAW, from the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin to the Colorado Rural Health Center, hundreds of groups use our step-by-step methodology to plan and implement effective lobbying campaigns. Our online training provides techniques immediately deployable, such as how to:

  • Leverage legislative staff that largely direct lawmakers’ votes
  • Develop an effective lobbying infrastructure
  • Build momentum working with and through coalitions
  • Use negotiating techniques that optimize consensus
  • Understand and respond to lawmakers motivators

Improving lobbying methods improves lobbying results. Hear seminar participants tell about the value of their training.

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A full live Lobby School is~13 hours over 2 intensive days.

These 15 videos are 7:34 hours and you have 2 weeks to complete them.

These videos are the lecture portion, that is, without showing the six skills development activities and classroom discussion, of our live ~13-hour, 2-day learn-to-lobby “boot camp,” the Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs. Videos 2-11 show how to lobby for favorable legislature-made statutory law. However, legally lawmakers can implement nothing. Implementation solely belongs to executive branch agencies. Videos 12-15 show how to lobby for favorable agency-made administrative law implementing statutory law. By rough page count, agencies make ninety percent, and legislatures make ten percent, of the body of law affecting your principals. You can select video packages or order them a la carte.

Bob, just thought you’d like to know … We took the advice you presented at your workshop in Seattle and used it to our advantage and I am happy to let you know that Governor Locke signed our bill last week culminating a 4+ year struggle in the legislature… We not only prevailed (and by a huge margin of votes in the House and Senate), we found new opportunities to continue liaisons with existing partners and build upon our working relationships with new partners. See … we were good students! Thanks.
Jerry Crabill
Executive Director (former)
Washington Assoc. of Building Officials, Olympia
Video 1. Campaign Method Overview. (Free)

The 15 topic-specific training videos are:

Brief Description of the Training Modules:

  • How lobbyists improve their chances of advocacy success using the Complete Campaign Method.
  • Overview to let viewers determine which modules they will find most useful.
  • Includes Workbook, Bonus: 27 Fundamentals of Lobbying
We begin by explaining that lawmaking is a logical but irrational process in which the legislature can do whatever it wants, to you or for you. Includes Workbook
Effective lobbying is campaign based, established on trust, education centered, and constituent driven. In this module you learn to estimate and increase your political strength and thereby your chances of lobbying success. Includes Workbook
Well-built organizations succeed; unstructured ones fail. In this unit you learn how to build an effective lobbying infrastructure and how to write the resources necessary for the legislature to give you what you want. Includes Workbook
You are in the capitol now. Staff is the second greatest influence on getting a lawmaker’s vote. Procedure shows you where in the legislature you need to be and when. Committees decide whether a bill is dead or to move it to the next step. A body of law governs advocates’ interactions with the legislature, and violations will set back a lobbying effort. Includes Workbook
Making campaign contributions is risky business so if you’re going to do it, make sure you do it right. Special interests and the coalitions have the greatest influence on your bill. Learn how to succeed with them. Includes Workbook
Ron Phillips, Gavel Resources, Washington, D.C. – Mr. Phillips explains how federal and state lobbying need each other. Extemporaneous guest lecture, no Workbook.
Learn how to build the consensus among special interests to move a bill into law. Gain tips and techniques to help you avoid negotiating pitfalls and improve your chances of gaining consensus and reducing controversy among the special interests that run the capitol. Includes Workbook
Learn how to identify good from bad contractors, work more effectively with and evaluate the one you hire, already have, and those with whom you deal. Includes Workbook
Explains lawmakers’ psyches and motivators in order to get and keep their votes. Includes Workbook
Student enactment of a 3-minute effective lobbying visit. This section shows you how to navigate following favorable action by the first committee of referral. Includes Workbook
Your law doesn’t exist until the agency says it exists, and no one knows what it means until the agency says what it means. This section begins the process of turning statutes into reality via agency rule-making. Includes Workbook
This module explains whom you will lobby in the agency, their powers and limitations, and what they can or can’t do for you. Includes Workbook
How to maximize the effectiveness of face-to-face administrative rule-making presentations. Includes Workbook
How to carry out your lobbying plan, effectively participate in rule adoption, and effectively respond to an unfavorable rule. Includes Workbook

Testimonials from Lobby School Participants
Over 20 Years of Training Lobbyists

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