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3. Effective Lobbying and Political Strength

Effective lobbying is: campaign based, established on trust, education centered, and constituent driven. In this module you learn to estimate and increase your political strength and thereby your chances of lobbying success.

4. Building Campaign and Drafting Materials

Well-built organizations succeed; unstructured ones fail. In this unit you learn how to build an effective lobbying infrastructure and then write the resources necessary for the legislature to give you what you want.

6. Campaign Contributions and Coalition Building

Making campaign contributions is risky business so if you’re going to do it make sure you do it right. Special interests and the coalitions have the greatest influence on your bill. Learn how to succeed with them.

8. Negotiating with Special Interests

This unit’s tips and techniques help you avoid negotiating pitfalls and improve your chances of gaining consensus and reducing controversy among the special interests that run the capitol.

14. Agency Advocacy

Convincing an agency to implement a statute favorably requires knowing and meeting its needs. This section helps you design a lobbying plan that improves the chances of a positive agency rule.

7. Federal vs. State Lobbying

Guest Speaker – Ron Phillips, Gavel Resources, Washington, D.C. – Federal vs. State Lobbying Mr. Phillips explains how federal and state lobbying need each other.

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