Why Senior Lobbyists Teach Lobbying – Ron Phillips, to Make Our Lobbying World More Respected

Ron Phillips is a long-time, well-established Washington, D.C. contract lobbyist, expert in military defense legislation, and vice-president and Washington, D. C. representative for German defense manufacturer KMW. He has co-lectured Lobby School seminars on the interface between state and federal lobbying (Course 7) and a D.C. lobbyist’s insider’s view of advocacy. Ron has contributed greatly to my writings especially Insiders Talk: Winning with Lobbyists, Professional edition, the manual for transforming in-house lobbyists into sophisticated managers of contract lobbying services.

I believe it is important for our profession to help train others in the correct way [to lobby] so that the art of advocacy can advance for the better. My personal joy comes from being an active part of that process. I have had that opportunity as a professor of the “Art of Lobbying” for academic institutions here in the Washington, D.C. area.

Helping people is what lobbying is all about. Students are no different than clients – for me, it is the same commitment. If we are to make our industry more professional, we must engage and encourage honest behavior. One must be involved to make our lobby world more respected. Not just for others – but, for our current work environment, as well.

I don’t have all the answers – but, I do have years of experience which hold great value. It is a pleasure to share such knowledge.

You can learn more about Ron on LinkedIn.

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