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Thanks Again to My State Government Affairs Friends

I owe my friends. After my 2019 TBI and during the pandemic, a time of zero public workshops, SGA friends hired me for private lectures and helped me write three new lobbying manuals.  And as I write this, two SGA friends are helping me transition back into public workshop by telling their large email lists about September 20-21 LAS and October 13-14 MSP Lobby Schools. I owe so much to them and other colleagues, largely former Lobby School students, made over 30 years working in and around State Government Affairs. Lobbying, like life itself, is about relationships. Thanks all.

Of special note, I thank Chris Micheli, Aprea Micheli, Sacramento, coauthor of Guide to Executive Branch Agency Rulemaking, and Randy Mackie of the Nevada Fire Arm Coalition for spreading the word about the September 20-21 Las Vegas Workshop.

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