Senior Lobbyists Training New Lobbyists

Bringing Up a New Generation of Better Lobbyists.

Thesis: conveying knowledge to better society realizes a basic public responsibility. Illustration: state constitutional obligations for free public education at taxpayer expense.

Likewise, senior lobbyists passing our knowledge to the next generation of advocates will better novices’ professional lives, the process and quality of state lawmaking, and exercise of principals’ US Constitutional First Amendment right to petition government for a redress of grievances.

At the May 25 Arlington, Virginia Lobby School senior federal lobbyist Ron Phillips will explain how lobbying state government influences federal lawmaking, and vice-versa. To illustrate, successful multi-state lobbying greatly influenced the enactment of favorable federal legislation that in turn preempted several state laws problematic to my principal.

Ron, my former grad student in Florida State University’s Masters in Applied American Politics, and I teach lobbying for motives of public service at universities as adjuncts, privately, and publicly. I hope as senior lobbyists our training helps the next generation of lobbyists, federal and state, excel at greater levels of advocacy proficiency, service to principals and states, and personally more satisfying careers.

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