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    Campaign Method Workshops

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    On-Demand Videos

    Video Bundles

    Package 1 (Courses 2-11): How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures

    Run time: 5 hours:14 minutes
    Course Pricing: $175

    Separate and optional:
    Pairs with Manuals 2, 3, and 5

    Package 2 (Courses 12-15): How to Successfully Lobby State Regulatory Agencies

    Run time: 2 hours:20 minutes
    Course Pricing: $80

    Separate and optional:
    Pairs with Manual 6

    Packages 1 and 2 (Courses 2-15): Complete Campaign Method

    Runtime: 7 hours:34 minutes
    Course Pricing: $250

    Separate and optional:
    Pairs with Manuals 2, 3, 5, and 6

    A la Carte Videos

    Course 2: Lobbying: What, Why, Who, Where and When

    Run time: 17:52
    • Legal and practical foundations of lobbying
    • There are more important people than lawmakers
    • Best place to lobby
    • Best time to lobby

    Course Pricing: $22.50

    Course 3: Effective Lobbying; Assessing and Increasing Political Strength

    Run Time 39:21
    • Keys to effective lobbying
    • Ranking of lobbying influences
    • Calculus for assessing strength
    • Internal and external factors for strength
    • Increasing strength

    Course Pricing: $44

    Course 4: Building Your Lobbying Organization; Crafting Bills & Supporting Materials

    Run Time 28:59
    • Teams and their duties
    • Planning the lobbying campaign
    • Writing a bill more likely to pass
    • Drafting supporting materials

    Course Pricing: $33

    Course 5: Legislative Staff; Procedure; Committee Testimony and Caucuses; Ethics

    Run Time 42:09
    • Classifications
    • Senior and junior staff
    • Motivating staff
    • Effective “leave behind” template
    • Steps “idea to law” – formal and informal
    • Key committees
    • Lobbying the committee checklist
    • Testimony mechanics
    • “Likeability is job 1” checklist
    • Where to find ethics requirements you must meet
    • Example lobbyist prohibitions
    • 9 R’s for ethics compliance

    Course Pricing: $49.50

    Course 6: Campaign Contributions; Special Interests and Coalitions

    Run Time 28:25
    • Why provide campaign support
    • Non-monetary contributions
    • Campaign contribution checklist
    • Candidate coalition partners
    • Coalition building checklist
    • Anti-trust cautions

    Course Pricing: $33

    Course 7: Federal vs. State Lobbying

    Run Time 28:40
    • How Federal and State lobbying need each other

    Course Pricing: $33

    Course 8: Negotiating with Special Interests

    Run Time 50:39
    • Styles of negotiating
    • Evaluating your opponent checklist
    • Gaining leverage
    • Preparing for negotiating checklist
    • In the meeting checklist
    • Negotiating tricks and how to counter them

    Course Pricing: $55

    Course 9: Contract Lobbyists

    Run Time: 30:55
    • Duties of your contract lobbyist
    • Characteristics of the “right” contract lobbyist
    • How to hire
    • Negotiating fees
    • Working effectively with your lobbyist checklist
    • Lobbyist job performance form
    • Firing your contract lobbyist

    Course Pricing: $33

    Course 10: Motivating Lawmakers; Getting and Keeping Votes

    Run Time 35:43
    • Why lawmakers have to be motivated
    • Motivating key lawmakers checklist
    • 7 motivators
    • “Facts don’t vote”
    • Goals of lobbying visits
    • Advocacy communication
    • All presentations checklist
    • 10-minute presentation checklist
    • 3-minute presentation checklist
    • Never to do checklist
    • Votes

    Course Pricing: $38.50

    Course 11: Lobbying Role Play; Actions after Committee of First Reference

    Run Time 10:47
    • Next steps for your bill
    • Maintaining momentum checklist
    • Agency lobbying is the next step

    Course Pricing: $11

    Course 12: Constitutional and Political Foundations of US Agencies and Administrative Law

    Run Time 9:46
    • Separation of powers
    • Reasons to lobby agencies
    • Local government

    Course Pricing: $11

    Course 13: Agency Model and Structure; Agency Power and Actions

    Run Time 49:43
    • Agency ideal
    • Agency structure
    • Classifications of agency decision makers
    • Sources of agency power
    • Types of agency actions
    • Limits on agency action

    Course Pricing: $55

    Course 14: Agency Advocacy

    Run Time 23:03
    • Agency discretion to act or not act
    • Lobbying preparation checklist
    • Lobbying targets checklist
    • Listing of specific lobbying targets

    Course Pricing: $27.50

    Course 15: Lobbying Visits; Rule Development and Adoption; Responding to Agency Rule

    Run Time: 57:11
    • Goals for agency lobbying
    • Factors motivating agencies
    • Hiring and working with contractors
    • Lobbying staff checklist
    • Losing approaches
    • Rule development process
    • Agency motivators to develop rules
    • Knowing when the agency will act
    • Participating in rule making process
    • Rulemaking record
    • Responding to an unfavorable rule
    • Legislative review
    • Judicial review
    • Lobbying the legislature to fix rule
    • Summary of agencies
    • Legislative vs. agency lobbying

    Course Pricing: $66

    Lobby School Manuals

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