Clients’ Own Biggest Problems

  • Client is perceived as being not trustworthy (i.e. client broke promise to lawmaker);
  • Client is disliked (i.e. CEO of ABC Bank makes offensive public statement about the legislative process);
  • Client has public image problem (i.e. news media uncovers ABC nursing home provides poor care and overcharges patients…same scenario but it is discovered by a legislative committee conducting studying an interim issue);
  • Client operates in an industry that is being targeted with legislation because of action taken by a competitor within the industry (i.e. ABC electric company failed to notify its customers that their personal information was obtained through a hacking and customers and lawmakers learn about it through the media); failure to develop or implement a good communication strategy.
  • Client is disliked by a legislative body because of a client’s operational issue (i.e. ABC airline loses several legislators luggage during a trip to a legislative conference);…failure to develop or implement a good communication strategy. In the past election cycle client contributed to a leadership candidate that lost or contributed heavily to candidates of a political that lost control of one or both chambers;
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