Client Oversight of Contract Lobbying Services

A household name organization[1], employing contract lobbyists in dozens of states, just hired me to train its state and national staff in overseeing contractor-provided lobbying services. Home office State Government Affairs (SGA) leadership expects increased involvement with lobbyists and lobbying campaigns: 1) will improve ROIs on lobbying fees and political capital; 2) achieve better, more uniform, and legally consistent results, state and nationally; 3) create a cadre of sophisticated consumers of lobbying services more able to work with contractors, assist the overall SGA program, and advance the mission of the organization.

Training in the main will derive from Insiders Talk: Winning with Lobbyists, Professional edition[2] (Hardcover, 488 pgs.), copies of which all participants will receive. This best-practices manual was written to develop sophisticated consumers of contract lobbying services and remain a handy reference guide. Contributions from dozens of lobbying experts from across the United States make this a nationally applicable practice guide for clients and their contractors.

On a personal note, this is the first live training I have given since COVID-2019 effectively shut down the live seminar business. Producing three more books[3] and webinars during lockdown was productive, but in-the-field skills cannot be taught optimally except in-the-field. Acting through Lobby School[4] students who have moved into senior management, I expect Providence will give me similar opportunities. To both, I am profoundly grateful to resume live training.


[1] Note: Client names are kept confidential for private seminars.

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