Advocacy Skills Training: Arlington, Virginia November 16-17

Navigating through the convoluted world of state lawmaking and lobbying can be intricate and challenging – but what if you had a roadmap to guide you?

  • Join Our Upcoming Workshops
  • Fully Remote: Oct 30 – Nov 2
    • Influencing State Legislatures, & Regulatory Agencies & Managing Contract Lobbying Services
  • Hybrid Workshop in Arlington, VA (In-person or remote): Nov 16 & 17
    • Delving into Lobbying State Legislatures & Regulatory Agencies

The Campaign Method for More Effective State Government Affairs lobbying classes include how to:

  • Make your ideas into a statute
  • Implement the statute into day-to-day reality via agency lawmaking
  • Work effectively with contract lobbyists – yours and others

All workshops include state lobbying practice manuals and extensive handouts that provide much greater and indispensible depth for application and implemenation of the Campaign Method than can be provided in any 4 to 8-hour class.

These classes will coach participants into their next level of lobbying skills and sophistication.

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